The Vision

This film was created as an educational tool that can be used to move us beyond disempowerment, in order to enact real change in a changing world.  Chris Wood of BALE (Building A Local Economy) was inspired to create a film that would answer the question: "Will we have the wisdom to survive climate chaos and planetary destruction?" - after seeing the documentary film, The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism, and Community.  Dancing With the Cannibal Giant offers four stories that answer this very question, and invite its viewers to ask themselves, what am I doing and what are we doing, together, to put the giant back to sleep?



BALE - Building a local economy

BALE is a community resource center for local economic initiatives in the White River watershed of Vermont.  BALE seeks to create vibrant communities by strengthening our rural economy, building and promoting sustainable and resilient local systems, cultivating community connections and cooperation, raising consciousness and supporting a culture shift in the way we live in the world, and providing opportunities for creative and local economic solutions.

BALE envisions a world in which locally vibrant, community-focused, economies benefit all of the inhabitants, the institutions, and the ecologies of their region. As a locally focused organization, BALE seeks to support appropriately-scaled solutions, from the ground up, that serve the people and places of the White River watershed. BALE sees itself as a very small part of an emerging global story – working for both practical on-the-ground solutions as well as committing to an inside-out approach for fundamental social change.


Film Makers

Film Editor

Anne Macksoud is the co-founder and creator of Old Dog Documentaries, a documentary production company specializing in films that inspire dialogue and action on social, economic, and environmental justice.  Old Dog is committed to the idea that change must start with ordinary people interested in finding creative solutions to some of the world's most intractable problems.  Macksoud's documentary films include titles such as Seeing Through the Wall, Arms for the Poor, and The Wisdom to Survive.


Michael Sacca is a freelance videographer and owner of Michael Sacca Productions, based in Tunbridge Vermont.  Michael has extensive filming experience, and a deep interest in promoting projects and ideas that positively impact as wide an audience as possible.  His filming career and creative cinematic vision grew out of his passion for art and photography.


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